Chip It: Appetizers On A Chip

Chip It: Appetizers On A Chip
Try some delicious combinations on a chip!

CHIP IT: Appetizers On A Chip

You know chips aren’t just for dipping! You can use a chip (or anything that thinks it’s a chip) as a creative start for a FUN one-handed appetizer.

I love serving these chip appetizers at my horse shows. It really brings people together in a community kind of way, and it’s MUCH better than the horrible pork sandwich they offer at the horse show fairground food trucks. Yuck.

Here are a few ideas for delicious chip appetizer combos

Chip it Up with BBQ Pulled Pork & Slaw, Black Bean, Corn Salsa & Avocado, Beef Carpaccio & Chimichurri, and Smoked Salmon

A little bit country
What about a bite of bbq pulled pork, a tad of coleslaw, on a “Red Wine and Vinegar” chip from Hen of the Woods

Pretty in Pink
A sliver of smoked salmon, a squirt of sour cream, capers, and dill plume, on “Himalayan Pink Salt Lentil “chip by The Daily Crave

Black bean, corn and avocado salsa on a “Veggie Crisps” by Off the Eaten Path

Smoky Steak
A thin slice of grilled steak tartare topped with chimichurri on a “Touch of Smoke” kettle chips by Hen of the Woods.

Want more FUN party appetizer ideas?

Check out my Skewer It and Cone It ideas for one-handed appetizers.

You may just like them too much!


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