Chef Gerrie Partners w/ Zidian

Chef Gerrie Partners w/ Zidian

To Expand Midwest Distribution To Specialty Retailers & Grocery Stores

Waynesville, OH – August 29, 2022, – Chef Gerrie Slathers is pleased to announce its new partnership with Ohio-based Zidian Specialty Foods who will provide distribution to specialty retailers and grocery stores located in the Midwest.

“We’re very excited to bring aboard Chef Gerrie’s Slathers to help our retailer partners offer a vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, all natural and delicious new flavor-boosting condiment to their customers,” said Doug Koller, Director, Zidian Specialty Foods. 

Zidian Specialty Foods’ mission and passion is to produce and distribute food products that exceed consumer quality and taste expectations as well as deliver exemplary dining experiences. Throughout the years, they have brought consistently fresh, flavorful, and healthy specialties to the marketplace.

"I'm so thrilled to have Zidian Specialty Foods represent my brand to liven up store offerings and boost category sales," said Gerrie Bielefeld, Founder of Chef Gerrie Slathers.

Currently, Chef Gerrie Slathers are being sold at Dorothy Lane Markets, Giant Eagle Market District stores, The Hills Market, and Jungle Jim’s International Markets in the Ohio and surrounding area. The partnership with Zidian Specialty Foods will help expand the reach in the Midwest of this woman-owned condiment brand.

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