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Deviled Eggs My Slather Way

Ingredients: 12          Lg Eggs, hard boiled, halved with yolks removed and reserved 2 T         Cream Cheese 1/3 C     Mayonnaise 1/2 t       Yellow Sriracha (Thailand) or favorite hot sauce hot sauce 2 t          Yellow mustard 1 T         Rice wine vinegar Fresh ground Sea Salt and White Pepper to taste Garnish with Mediterranean Roasted Red Pepper Slather   Directions: Process yolks first, then […]

Meat and cheese antipasti platter
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Antipasti Platter Ingredients, Tips, and Tricks

Antipasti Platter Ingredients, Tips, and Tricks are a “win-win” for your next Party Victory! Bring on the Delicious Cured Meats from Italy and Spain, Sinful, Yummy Cheeses, Tasty Marinated Veggies and Succulent Seafood Treats. So go out to your local upscaled deli or grocery…they always have the coolest stuff. Think 4-6 oz. of ingredients per […]