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Blue Cheese Ice Cream

Blue Cheese Ice Cream is not what you would normally scoop up into a cone…vanilla ice cream is so passe´…so last year. A small scoop of Blue Cheese Ice Cream can be… a garnish to your next pear, berry, or peach composite salad. Add it to a parfait of brandied […]

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My Favorite Mint Chutney Recipe

Mint Chutney Recipe This mint chutney is jammed pack with flavor with a hint of sweetness and can be used with any Indian recipe or your favorite grilled, roasted, poached, sauté, braised, or fried dish. I had a student that said she would smear it on anything…cracker, naan, grilled pineapple, […]

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Preserved Lemons

Preserved Lemons Recipe Preserved Lemons add excellent flavor to many dishes. I add wedges of them into the cavity of roasting chicken or turkey for a citrus-y flair. I even put inside a whole dressed fish, like salmon, prior to poaching or roasting. But, when using in a compound butter […]