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Caribbean Spicy Rum Mango Martini

Serves 2   Ingredients: 4 oz         Mount Gay Silver Rum 6 oz         Fresh Mango Juice 1 oz         Fresh Lime Juice 1 oz         Simple Syrup 2 T          Caribbean Roasted Yellow Pepper Slather Garnish with Slice of Mango and Lime Zest   Directions: Combine the rum, juices, Slather over ice in a shaker bottle with lid. Shake […]

Beverages, Blog, Recipes, Slathers

Mediterranean Roasted Red Pepper Sangrita Martini

Serves 2 Ingredients: 4 oz       Vodka, 1 C        Tomato Juice 1/3 C     Blend of Fresh Orange Juice and Lemon Juice 2 T         Mediterranean Roasted Red Pepper Slather Good Pinch of Lemon Pepper Salt 2-3         Dashes of Hot Sauce Garnish with a Red Pepper Strip wrapped with Orange & Lemon Zest   Directions: Combine the vodka, […]