Start your meal off on a high note with these easy-to-make appetizer recipes that will leave everyone wanting more.

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Southwest Pork & Chicken Pozole Soup

Southwest Pork & Chicken Pozole Soup Serves 6-8   Ingredients: 2 lb               Pork loin, boneless and cubed 4                   Chicken thighs, boneless and cubed 1 T                Cumin, ground 1 t                 Black pepper, cracked 1 t                 Salt 6-8                Slices smoked bacon, cut into 1/4” strips, reserve bacon 1                   Large Onion, diced 6                   […]

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Deviled Eggs My Slather Way

Deviled Eggs My Slather Way Ingredients: 12          Lg Eggs, hard boiled, halved with yolks removed and reserved 2 T         Cream Cheese 1/3 C     Mayonnaise 1/2 t       Yellow Sriracha (Thailand) or favorite hot sauce hot sauce 2 t          Yellow mustard 1 T         Rice wine vinegar Fresh ground Sea Salt and White Pepper to taste Garnish with Mediterranean […]