Deviled Eggs My Slather Way

Deviled Eggs My Slather Way

The most deviously delicious deviled eggs you'll ever eat!














12          Lg Eggs, hard boiled, halved with yolks removed and reserved
2 T         Cream Cheese
1/3 C     Mayonnaise
1/2 t       Yellow Sriracha (Thailand) or favorite hot sauce hot sauce
2 t          Yellow mustard
1 T         Rice wine vinegar
Fresh ground Sea Salt and White Pepper to taste

Garnish with Mediterranean Roasted Red Pepper Slather



  1. Process yolks first, then add cream cheese, mayo, sriracha, mustard, rice vinegar, salt, and pepper. Taste and adjust seasonings.
  2. Load piping tip into bag and fill with the deviled egg filling.
  3. Garnish with Mediterranean Roasted Red Pepper Slather.


Variations of Additional Deviled Egg Filling Ingredients and Slather Topping:

Curried Deviled Egg Ingredient Addition

1 t  Curry Chili Paste

1 t Curry Powder

1 t Garlic, grated

1/4 t Turmeric

Garnish with Caribbean Roasted Yellow Pepper Slather

Southwest Deviled Eggs Ingredient Additions-

2 t Adobo seasoning

1 t Garlic, grated

Garnish with Southwest Roasted Green Pepper Slather

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