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2021 Fancy Food Show Finds

2021 Fancy Food Show Finds

By Emma Krasov. Photography by Yuri Krasov

As 2021 comes to a close, we’re looking back at the most interesting products presented at the Specialty Food Association's signature biannual event, Fancy Food Show. The giant culinary festival dedicated to specialty foods, Fancy Food Show went fully digital this year by creating an Infinite Aisle platform, accessible around the clock to all the interested parties in the U.S. and internationally.

At this reimagined for the pandemic times event, titled, Fancy Food 24/7, surprises abound even within some of the most popular categories, like dairy, drinks, condiments, and desserts. Let’s look closer at the original specialty products, highly recommended by this food reviewer for their high quality, unique flavor profiles, expressive new, or devotedly traditional characteristics, and creative packaging.   

Perfectly matured, nutty with a slight sharpness, and wrapped in a rind of dried wild flowers that still maintain their colors, Swiss cheese Blumenkäse from Mifroma is produced by the Imlig Käserei Oberriet AG dairy in a small village in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley.

Blumenkäse traditional recipe includes the simplest ingredients—Swiss milk, coming from the farms in the region; cultures, rennet, and salt. Covered with dried marigolds, blueberry and rose blossoms, different herbs, and matured for six months, “Blossoms Cheese" gives off delicious aromas of mountain savoury, mint, and juniper berries, and tastes positively heavenly!

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Multiple award-winning Vermont Creamery produces its signature double cream Cremont (named for “Cream of Vermont”) cheese from a mixture of cow and goat milk, original Sour Crème toppings, like Cilantro Lime, and Fire-Roasted Onion and Chives, fresh goat cheese with real fruit and berries, and many other delightful dairy creations.

This artisan creamery maintains a sophisticated website with plethora of interesting recipes and recommendation on the usage of Vermont Creamery’s cheeses, crèmes, and butter, and states the following, “We're on a mission to make products that taste extraordinary, while spending equal energy on ensuring our business makes a positive impact on the world. Our goal here at Vermont Creamery is to use our success to create a positive “handprint” on everyone that our business touches – our employees, customers, farmers, communities, and our friends across the country who enjoy our products as a meaningful and delicious part of their lives.”

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Renard’s Artisan Cheese in Door County, Wisconsin, is a family-owned company that includes Rosewood Dairy and retail stores. An assortment of cheeses produced here reflects not only the cherished traditional recipes, upheld in the family for generations, but also Wisconsin’s esteemed cheesemaking processes, renowned nationally and internationally. Renard’s String Cheese; Morel and Leek Monterey Jack, and New World Cheddar of Door County Reserve carry a Proudly Wisconsin Cheese logo—a testament to purity of the product, made with America’s Dairyland’s high-quality milk.   

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Tartuflanghe is a family company founded half a century ago in Langhe, Italy—the region famous for the precious white truffles of Alba. Tartuflanghe uses famous coveted fungi to produce various elements of the ultimate gourmet experience for everybody.

Tartufissima, the first artisan truffle pasta in the world, was invented by the family patriarch, Giuseppe Montanaro and his wife Domenica, and proceeded to be named the Best New Product of the Year during the1992 Fancy Food Show in New York.

Other remarkable and attractively priced products from Tartuflanghe include Truffle Potato Chips, Truffle Cashews, Truffle Hazelnuts, and the signature Perlage, made from black truffle juice, extracted during cooking process. Shaped into tiny spheres, and looking similar to black caviar, Perlage comes pretty close to it in terms of consumer satisfaction. It enhances pasta, meat, and vegetable dishes with the unmistakable earthy aroma of fresh truffles. 

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A jar of Backyard Brine contains crunchy, dilly and garlicky Handmade Artisan Pickles from North Fork, NY, wittily called, “Dill Death Do Us Part.” Behind the outrageous pickle there is a husband-and-wife team, Cori Anne and Randy Kopke, “Partners in Brine.”

Using fresh locally sourced ingredients, the creative couple makes various kinds of pickles, preserves and condiments, never losing their products’ high quality, and their own sense of humor. Here’s what they say about the origins of Backyard Brine on their website: “Our company started in 2013 in our home kitchen with family recipes and produce from our backyard garden. Our first order was 100 jars of pickles for favors for a family wedding. We came up with names such as “Dill Death Do Us Part”, “We Go Together Like Bread & Butter” and “Relish the Moment”. The pickles were a hit and Backyard Brine was born!”

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Made from pure U.S.D.A. certified organic rye, Square One Organic Vodka was awarded Double Platinum and Best Vodka at the Ascot Awards for a reason. A female-owned boutique organic spirits company, Square One, founded by Allison Evanow, sees its mission in creating innovative organic spirits devoid of the usual culprits—artificial ingredients and additives.

Square One pioneered organic vodkas with different tastes infused with natural farm-to-bottle botanicals as opposed to widely spread in the industry flavored vodkas, enhanced with artificial colors, sugar and other sweeteners, and chemicals that mimic natural flavors.   

100 percent organic American-grown rye (currently grown on certified organic farms in Montana), organic yeasts, and fresh water from the Teton Mountains make Square One vodka a standout as it is, but infused with natural flavors, it beats all imaginable competition.    

Square One Bergamot, cirus-flavored, and additionally infused with ginger, coriander and juniper berries, has a sweet aroma of Bergamot orange, loved by many, and used in Earl Grey tea, gourmet deserts, and aromatherapy.


“We chose bergamot because of the remarkable grassy, floral and tangy qualities of the fruit's peel,” states the company website. “Unfiltered, the delicious citrus oils stay in the bottle and showcase the exceptional fruit, floral and herbal qualities of the other botanicals. Square One Bergamot is a surprisingly complex, yet approachable expression of an orange-based spirit. On the palate, floral bergamot is wrapped in juicy tangerine and the pleasant bitterness from mandarin orange.”

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Tabletree Snow’s Cherry Juice from a family-owned company in Montana has a long 125-year history that started with George Snow's Grape Juice advertised as “a perfect food, a nerve feeder, a rich blood maker, a healthful and delicious beverage, and a nature’s best tonic for the convalescent.”

A 2021 Sofi Award Silver Winner, Tabletree Cherry Juice, crafted with no artificial preservatives, continues the family tradition with its delicious natural cherry taste, praised by cooks and cocktail makers, and its anti-inflammatory properties, appreciated by people who suffer from arthritis, joint and muscle pain and injuries. 

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From Goedgedacht [“doing good”] farm in South Africa, comes Goed Elderflower Flavored Syrup, a fragrant and delicious natural sweetener for all kinds of beverages. Mixed with fruit, berries, fresh herbs, and crushed ice, this syrup creates an unforgettable thirst-quenching non-alcoholic drink, suitable for all occasions, from casual picnic to a celebratory toast. Added to spirits or sparkling wine, it makes for a delicious cocktails, guaranteed to be a hit at any gathering. Elderflower syrup is also perfect for various desserts, and as a yogurt, cottage cheese, or ice-cream topping.

The company behind the farm, Goedgedacht Trading, has a long history of supporting non-profit Goedgedacht Trust “in building vibrant, thriving, self-sustainable rural communities in South Africa.”

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Onesimum Olive Oil from Spain is made from four different varieties of olives—Cornicabra, Hojiblanca, Picual and Arbequina, and has an ecological certificate of purity. The olives are harvested at the peak of ripening, and are processed by a master miller to create a well-balanced combination of the oils with different characteristics, pertinent to each kind of olives. Onesimum organic olive oil is cold-pressed Extra Virgin, and therefore possesses the best quality, a distinct aroma and taste.

Onesimum brand that represents the best of gastronomy products, started in 2019 in Mexico and Central America; in 2020 in Brazil, Argentina and some European countries such as Italy and Spain; and in 2021, expanded its activities to other European countries, Southeast Asia and the USA.

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Concepta Ingredients presented Passion Fruit Oil in its Organic and Exotic Ingredients Range among the many Brazilian biodiversity products.

With a commitment to socioenvironmental responsibility, these products are the result of multiple projects, focused on rainforest conservation and contributions directly to the development of agricultural communities.

“All processes are governed by sustainable principles, respecting, above all, seasonal variations and the full involvement of local people,” states the company website.

Organic passion fruit oil is extracted by cold press method, with no solvents or chemical additives. This leaves the fruit’s health benefits and taste characteristics intact. “Maracujá” (from Portuguese “serving fruit”) grows in tropical climate, and is praised for its unique sweet and sour taste. It is also a natural source of multivitamins, antioxidants, omega 6 and phytosterols.

Passion fruit oil has many uses in food and cosmetic industries. It adds an unusual and delicious flavor profile to salads and desserts.

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De Nigris is a family business of vinegar making in Modena, Italy, in operation since 1889. Balsamic vinegars, wine vinegars, apple cider vinegars, and even Organic Pomegranate Vinegar are just a part of the abundant, well-established production “from grape to bottle.”

De Nigris Tarragon White Wine Vinegar is infused with tarragon natural flavor that has a very distinct refreshing aroma. With 7% acidity, it’s crisp and fruity, and can be used for salad dressings, fish and meat marinades, and various sauces. Beautifully bottled, with a handsome label that has gilded accents, this vinegar, the color of rose gold, makes a great addition to a holiday table, or a nice gift.

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An adorable gift set of Rozendal Botanical Vinegars was presented at Fancy Food 24/7, packed in a miniature gift box, and proudly marked, “Made in South Africa.”

At Rozendal Farm, Ammann family follows the traditional French Orleans method of vinegar making using a blend of red wine cultivars activated by the original culture from the farm’s first vinegar produced in 1988, and naturally fermented in small oak barrels. A robust Balsamic-style vinegar, balanced in sweetness and acidity is enhanced with flavorful fusions, coming from the farm’s own botanicals.

This elegant gift set includes four 50ml bottles of unique botanical vinegars: Hibiscus (with elderflower, vanilla and rosehip, bursting with vitamin C and other vitamins; Lavender (recommended as a reduction of roasted lamb or venison); Green Tea (also infused with chili, carob, lavender, kelp, and bay leaf, and used in aperitifs, dressings, marinades, and sauces); and Fynbos. This vinegar contains Buchu, an herb that smells like black currants; honeybush, rose geranium, wild olive and wild rosemary—an array of fragrant fynbos herbs, providing vinegar’s delicate flavor and many health benefits.

Stellenberg Imports, based in Nashville, Tennessee, supplies unique quality products from the South Africa’s Western Cape, including Rozendal Botanical Vinegars, to the U.S. buyers and consumers. 

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Chef Gerrie Slathers Flavor Boosters, a set of three amazing roasted pepper sauces, rightfully displays a fair warning: “You May Just Like it TOO Much!”

True, this 3-flavor gift pack is incredibly versatile, and delicious to a point where it seems okay to just eat the sauce up from a jar with little more than a slice of bread. However, with so many recommended uses, it would be better to try at least some of them, and thus enrich any dinner table with elegance and ease.

Chef Gerrie’s Slathers in this gift pack include: Mediterranean Red Pepper, made with “a divine combination” of cayenne, roasted eggplant, red peppers, and exotic European spices such as sumac; Caribbean Roasted Yellow Pepper with mango, banana, sugar, garlic, onions, habanero chili, curry, tamarind, cumin, ginger, and allspice; and Southwestern Roasted Green Pepper of roasted poblano and serrano peppers, onion, garlic, lime juice, hickory smoke, brown sugar, sea salt, cumin, cinnamon, ancho chili, and cocoa.

From vinaigrettes and marinades to roasts and casseroles to sandwiches, burgers and wraps, the Slathers might just add a missing link in many culinary creations, and even make some cooking mishaps disappear smothered by their rich spicy flavors. A plethora of recipes, ideas, and all kinds of necessary information can be easily found on Chef Gerrie’s sophisticated website. 

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Spices and sauces from Angkor Cambodian Food company, based in California, are made in the U.S. with high quality ingredients, and offer authentic flavors of Southeast Asia to the American consumer.   

Organic Thnot Sugar, produced from the sap of Asian palmyra palm is naturally processed, unrefined and certified organic. Used in hot and cold beverages, sauces, desserts, and even main courses, like braised pork belly, Thnot sugar has a slight aroma and delicate sweetness with caramel undertones. Due to its medium Glycemic Index this natural organic sweetener is a healthier substitute for regular sugar.

Organic Red Kampot Pepper has a strong fruity aroma. Harvested at the peak of ripeness, it has a perfect balance between floral flavor and peppery heat. These beautiful red peppercorns are grown only in Kampot, Cambodia's Geographically Protected Region.

“Kampot Pepper became the world's most prestigious peppercorn in the French colonial days, celebrated in the gourmet kitchens of France for its complex aroma and distinct flavors,” states the Angkor Food website. The company’s pepper is 100% guaranteed to be of Kampot province origin, and is produced in compliance with GAP, GMP, HACCP, organic, and fair trade criteria. It is packed in a reusable glass spice jar with shaker fitment. Best used in meat and vegetable dishes, or crushed and sprinkled on salads and pastas.

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With 18 factories in France, Spain, UK, and USA, the Brioche Pasquier Group has a long history of creating delectable pastries since 1974. The company 'Brioche Pasquier' was founded by the five sons of the original master baker Gabriel Pasquier, who gained popularity way back in 1936 by providing his neighbors in the West of France with his excellent patisserie, brioche and other breads.

Today, Brioche Pasquier is the leading brioche brand in the world, and in 2012, it joined forces with Galaxy Desserts in the USA, to conquer the American market.

At the Fancy Food 24/7, a number of sweet and delicate, traditional Pasquier patisserie products were presented by the Galaxy Desserts, among them Classic French Macarons of Vanilla, Pistachio, Coffee, Caramel, Raspberry, Lemon, and Chocolate flavors); Brioche Hot Dog Buns, and Brioche Hamburger Buns.  

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