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The Art Form of Food

The Art Form of Food
Sometimes the world can be an ugly place, which means it’s up to us to find the beauty in our everyday lives…and for me, that comes from food. Of course we all need to eat multiple times a day and that often means grabbing something on the go, convenience foods, or just shoveling something…anything down your throat. In this post I encourage you to stop and smell the food.


I feel so damn passionate about cooking because it’s one of the few things you can euphorically lose yourself in while creating memories of happiness, love, and togetherness. I think of food as an art — the people’s art — a special, different, unexpected, all-encompassing art actually.

Looking at food as an “art medium” is awesome when you think about it…

You can enjoy looking at a beautifully plated meal while your mouth waters and your belly groans with desire. The smell of rich flavors can take you back to a memory or incite immediate happiness just thinking about eating it. Using your hands as your best utensils lets you touch your food as you mix it, crush it, fold it, or bring it to your mouth.

You can hear the sounds of transformation as you sear a good cut of meat or fry up something with a tasty crunch. And of course, the most satisfying part of cooking…you get to taste the combination of all these things as the delicious result.

Besides giving your senses a rush, you get nourishment, energy, and physiological reward from food. It’s good for the body, mind, and soul, which continues to support my belief that food is life. And when I think about the culinary, magical methods of expression of art, I go back to the essentials…The Fabulous Five.

Let cooking be the art of the people, for the people by enjoying and sharing the art you create with the food you cook. Slap your name on it and own it, you may just like it too much…

Let’s Chat!

Do you think I’m a cook or totally agree? Let me know how you see food in the comments section below or on my Facebook page, Chef Gerrie’s Chef Gerrie. I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!

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