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Consider Food for the Body, Mind, and Soul

Consider Food for the Body, Mind, and Soul
Have you ever thought about the connection between food – how we power ourselves – and how it affects our body, mind, and soul?


Many people think about how food affects the body all the time…you eat healthy, whole, natural foods in the right portions and you lose weight, feel powerful, energized, and strong. Or, conversely, you overeat sugar-filled, chemically-based junk foods and you gain weight, feel sluggish, tired, and weak.

Sure, we can see and feel that effect, but if you pay closer attention, you’ll also notice the impact of food on your mind and soul.

For instance, I can remember waking up as a little girl to the smell of fresh baked cinnamon bread. It takes me back to the moment I opened my eyes and I knew there was a sweet slice waiting for me downstairs with the rest of my family. I can remember the sounds of chatter, the way the kitchen was lit, and even how the bread tasted in my mouth. Mmmmmm…

This transformational food memory is embedded into my mind and soul and I’m still transported back to that time whenever I smell cinnamon bread today.

Do you have any transformational food memories?

4 Types of Food Nourishment

According to The Living Centre, an Eco-Spiritual Education Sanctuary, there are four types of nourishment that comes from food: biological, psychological, spiritual, and social nutrition.

#1: Biological Nourishment: Nutrients in optimal foods have the power to heal and balance physical health.

#2: Psychological Nourishment: Food influences mood; conversely, mood, emotions, and feelings often affect food choices.

#3: Social Nourishment: Dining with others in a pleasant atmosphere affects well- being.

#4: Spiritual Nourishment: Eating with awareness of the mystery of life in food and connecting with it via mindfulness, appreciation, and a loving consciousness may enhance health.

When I read this I was blown away. I felt totally affirmed in my philosophy for Chef Jungle and what food has meant to me throughout my life.

The bottom line is…food matters! It affects every aspect of your life – for the positive or the negative – but that’s up to you.

Being an uber foodie, I treasure every bite taken. Eating is an experience for me that I really enjoy. It’s a way to get together with friends, create a memory, feed my soul, and of course, recharge my body.

I’m often appalled to see people multitasking while shoveling (and I do mean shoveling) food down ones throat. Whether you’re in front of the computer or TV mindlessly dumping dinner down the hole, driving while eating on your way to work, scarfing down the last morsel of cold dinner after you’ve fed the kids, or slurping the last sips of a protein shake while in between meetings or on the move…

It’s just sad to see what meals have become as we become more connected, fast-paced, and on the search for convenience foods. It’s no wonder our obesity rates are higher than ever before.

But remember, it’s not just our bodies that are feeling the pain of multitask eating – it’s our minds and souls too, and that’s definitely important to that overall “happy” feelings we’re all chasing.

Think about this…

Dr. Donald Morse of Temple University, conducted an experimental survey with women. He asked half of the women to meditate for five minutes before eating, and asked the other half to do mental arithmetic for five minutes before eating.

The women who meditated produced 22% more of the fat-burning enzyme, alpha-amylase, which helps break down carbohydrates and B vitamins in food. These results, and many more studies, suggest that eating in a relaxed, present state of mind,  will allow your body to absorb more nutrients, thereby improving your health.

Can you believe that?

It makes sense to me… When you have time to first cook a delicious meal, (and no that doesn’t mean it has to take forever) then you have a better product when you sit down to eat. Instead of convenience foods, which don’t taste good to begin with, you get a “mindful meal” of something you’re invested in because you made it. It tastes good, fits your lifestyle, and because you ate it with intention and took time to enjoy the moment, it can help you reach or maintain your goal weight.

Talk about a win-win-win!

It’s not just what we eat that’s important, it’s how we eat that matters too. Eating mindfully with appreciation, connection, and a social aspect a couple times a week, could be the nutritional answer to eating smart!

We have smart TVs, smart phones, smart cars…and since smart is as smart does…and stupid is as stupid does (I’ve always loved that line from “Forest Gump”)…then of course, we need to make 2018 the year we eat smart.

Are you ready?

My pledge to you this year is to give you the tools you need to enjoy eating smart. That means I give you the recipes, knowledge, and a lot of fun, and you just follow along. It really can be that simple because regardless of everything and anything, you NEED to eat, and I’m here every step of the way.

Let me know what you need more of, what you’d like to see less of, anything else I can do to help. I’m here to help you untangle the mysteries of cooking, are you ready to finally see clearly in your kitchen?

If so, be sure to check out regularly for new recipes and blog posts, and follow me on Facebook and Instagram so that you accomplish your goals this year.

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