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5 Reasons You Should Be Cooking With Copper Pans

5 Reasons You Should Be Cooking With Copper Pans

5 Reasons You Should Be Cooking With Copper Pans

If you want to elevate your cooking, then you need to be cooking on copper pans. Trust me when I tell you that they are WORTH THE EXPENSE AND EFFORT. Copper allows heat to spread evenly and consistently on the entire surface of the cookware. Chefs have always preferred to cook with copper.Its been around since the first century AD…

What are the benefits of cooking with copper pans?

Flavors and nutritional values remain unchanged and the food doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan, avoiding hot spots and burning. Copper’s conductivity is 392Wm°K compared to aluminum (225°) and stainless steel (16°).

Copper cooks at a lower temperature and reduces overheating, thats why sauciers (one who makes sauces) and confectioneries (one who makes candies) prefer to use this indispensable metal.

This metal saves on energy costs!

Copper cookware has an antibacterial effect because germs and bacteria cannot survive on copper. For these microorganisms copper is toxic but to humans the material poses no threat at all. Copper pots are often coated with tin, which is used to prevent direct contact between the food and the copper. This is why water pipes and door handles in hospitals are often made of copper so that the transmission of germs can be avoided. The dairy industry, uses copper. A copper boiler is necessary in the production of Grana Padano, Parmigiano Reggiano, Cognac, and Armagnac.

Plus, it’s so darn gorgeous to present at your table!


If you want the best outcome to recipes, no matter what “cooking method ” you use, choose copper cookware!


Where do you buy copper pans?

I suggest buying copper cookware in pieces first, especially if you are new to copper. This will give you a chance to see if it works for you without spending a fortune.

You must check out my favorite copper cookware, Italy’s own Ruffoni Copper. I cook all the time with my Ruffoni pieces. And I feel so sexy when I cook with it!

Five of my Eight Pieces of Ruffoni Cooper Cookware: Large Brazier with Lid, Large stock Pot, Sauce Pot with Lid, Polenta Pot and Risotto Pan

Take a peek at this video from Ruffoni to learn all about their fascinating process. Ruffoni Cookware has immortalized the advancement of their master-craft  through innovations of their metals of choice and kept tradition alive.

Are copper cooking pans expensive?

Yes, if you are comparing price only, then copper cookware is expensive. It can also be heavy, and it requires a little TLC. It does not go in the dishwasher! Nor it does it work with induction cooktops.

Even with all that, I STILL RECOMMEND COPPER COOKWARE! I have had them for 10 plus years and used the crap out of them. I have had to have two of my pieces re-tinned.

Ruffoni Copper Cookware made by Caring and Proficient Hands

Copper cookware restoration

After some searching, I found a great guy whose specializes in re-tinning in my state of Ohio. Dan Moore is the Man! Check out the world class Tinsmith, Dan Moore . He is very reasonable with his restoration prices. You have to do the research when choosing that craftsman. Not all are equal! I was really pleased with Dan’s work on my pots. 

Here are the before and after shots of my pieces…

Before Photo of Ruffoni Copper Stock Pot needing Re-Tinning and Polishing

Ruffoni Pieces After Re-Tinning by Dan Moore

Copper cookware is sexy, beautiful, and functional.

It is worth your time and consideration to think about purchasing copper cookware.

By all means; if you are an experienced cook who wants to elevate your cooking skills, buy copper cookware.

It will last forever, and what an inheritance it will be to pass along to your loved ones… only if they are worthy!

To the last meatball,


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